V2 Cigs Best Selling Electronic Cigarette


V2 ECigs  Best Selling Electronic Cigarette

Why Choose V2 Ecigs?

  V2 Ecigs Best Selling Electronic Cigarettes. As far as  ecigarettes are concerned, V2 is the most popular. It is currently the top ecig brand online. And rightfully so, because it comes in 12 great flavors and smokers are loving every minute of this healthy alternative to addictive cigarettes.

Plus, it has a really classy design and the price is right. The V2 starter kit only costs $34. But they have multiple kits that run anywhere from $34 on the low end, all away up to $170 if you’d like to purchase the ultimate kit.

Why Choose the V2 Starter Kit?

Even though V2 is calling this a starter kit, it’s actually larger than any of the other kits from other e-cigarette electronic cigarette brands. So you get a whole lot for very little money, and that is awesome.


V2 Cigs - electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand in the World!

V2 Ecigs Best Electronic Cigarette



But more importantly than anything else…

They offer 12 flavors and the nicotine comes in five different strengths. They even have one strength that is 0% nicotine, which is perfect for those looking to taper off and eventually become smoke-free.

Plus, the free shipping is definitely an added bonus. But if you’re looking to quit smoking cigarettes right away by switching over to electronic cigarettes, you may not want to choose the free shipping because it’ll take you a little bit longer to get the package in your hands.

But don’t despair. You can request speedy delivery by choosing the option that provides guaranteed three day shipping. So there’s definitely a way to get your ecigs quicker if you decide to spend a little bit extra for shipping.




V2 Flavors

As we already mentioned, there are 12 flavors of this top ecig brand. Here’s a detailed look…

·      V2 Red – this represents traditional American tobacco. It’s similar to Lucky Strike, Chesterfield, Marlboro, Pall Mall, Winston, Doral or Basics.

·      V2 Congress – this is a lighter option, similar to Benson and Hedges, L&M, Parliament, Marlboro Lights, Viceroy, Merit and Kents.

·      V2 Sahara – it’s similar to Merit, many European brands, Camel, American Spirits and Kents.

·      V2 Menthol – it’s similar to Basic menthol, Marlboro menthol, Salem, Kool and Newport.

·      V2 Peppermint – this is a unique flavor and blend. It’s a mix of spearmint, sugar and nicotine.

·      V2 Mint Tea – this is a combination of green tea and menthol.

·      Other flavors: V2 Grape, V2 Chocolate, V2 Coffee, V2 Cola, V2 Vanilla and V2 Cherry.

Do not hesitate to pick up V2 cigs today. You won’t regret it.  Get started now by clicking here


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